Westwind Continues to Provide

The Staff

Complete Gynecological Services
* Pregnancy Testing
* Family Planning (Oral contraceptives, I.U.D., and Nuva Rine etc.)
* Pap Smears
* Premenstrual Tension Syndrome (PMS)
* Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)
* Menopausal evaluation & treatment
* Urinary tract & vaginal infections
* Colposcopy - Cryotherapy
* Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
* Morning after pills

Comprehensive Obstetrical Services *
(Prenatal & Deliver)

You are initally seen by NP Susan  at West Hill.Later in your pregnancy you are seen  by your delivering M.D. at his/her private office in Tarzana or Van Nuys. The Doctor has privileges at Tarzana and Valley Presbyterian Hospitals.

Services Include
* Health Education
* Nutritional Counseling
* Psychosocial Evaluation
* Medi-Cal, Insurance, Low Cost Private Pay

Presumptive Eligibility (P.E) *
Is a state sponsored program which aids low income patients who are seeking prenatal care, prior to being
enrolled in Medi-cal. The patient is evaluated in our office. If patients meet the qualifying criteria, the are enrolled in P.E. and prenatal care can begin immediately. This program covers the patient for several months of prenatal care while their Medi-cal application is being processed. Please Contact our office for more information and qualifying criteria.

* State Programs: Call Office Concerning Elegibility